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Accounting for the creative industries

Creative firms need advisors who can help them safeguard the commercial and financial wellbeing of the organisation, and get business-critical decisions right.

We understand the creative sector. Our partner led service is personal to the business owner / founder and aims to act supporting them as a virtual FD and business strategist, looking  to the future of your organisation. We offer strategic business planning, tax planning, reward structuring and, international expansion evaluation and support.

Our talent is fostering yours.


Structure their service offering from the ground up, including financial coaching sessions

Coaching them in the art of management and HR issues


Assess the business against their growth and exit strategies.


Benchmark financial performance against competitors and peers.


Optimise reward structures in an industry where talent is everything

Scrutinise the financial elements of their contracts

Understand the impact of their decisions and investments on their profitability, cash-flow and tax liabilities

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