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Accounting is more than just counting

Working in partnership with you

We aim to be more than ‘just’ your accountant.


We constantly test new accounting and business technology, with the needs of our clients’ businesses in mind. Always being conscious of weighing up the cost : benefit of new offers and how we can work together with our clients to move forward together.

We're your partner, not just a provider.



Cycle City

For a start-up like ours, having the backup of a good accounting team make the difference between success and failure. We're happy to say that Auguste + Auguste has helped us become the leading boutique cycle studio in the South East.

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Dyson Art

Often the transition from one accountant to another can feel quite unnatural but the team at Auguste + Auguste filled us with confidence. In the 20 years we’ve been with them we have seen vertical growth leading to bigger premises, more staff and bigger decisions.

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Elite Hairdressers

Auguste + Auguste take care of our remote FD function, the management of all our accounts. In short: they ensure that I don't have to worry about any aspect of my business or finances.

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Hawke & Metcalfe

When we set up our business we couldn’t have done it without the team at Auguste + Auguste. In the 20 years we’ve been with them there have been no surprises just proper, decent accountancy.

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Reilly Cycleworks

Auguste + Auguste provide a complete back-office solution for us. That means we can focus on what we do best: bikes.

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The Bok Shop

Auguste + Auguste have supported us while our business has gone from strength to strength and has helped us to grow and acquire new sites.

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