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What we do

You take care of your business. We take care of the accounting. It's as simple as that.

Our support can range from day-to-day accountancy / book keeping right through to sitting alongside and supporting clients in meetings they may have with banks, PE / Investment funds, or other professional advisers or financiers.

Our flexible accounting packages allow us to arrange the reporting format in a way to suit each business and show a true and fair reflection of their figures for the period, always with their longer term goals in mind. We use all mainstream cloud packages for accounting and book keeping, we are Xero Partnered and are one of the handful of Quick Books Elite firms in the South East.

We will take on the responsibility of ensuring your deadlines for the filing of statutory accounts are met, making sure we produce highly accurate accounts that meet all authorities’ rights, obligations, standards and regulations.

Whether your needs are complex or simple, we'll take on the challenge.



Accurate and up-to-date management accounts are essential to the efficient running of your business, whether it's for internal reporting process or for submission to banks and creditors to provide assurances of current profitability and liquidity.


We assist our clients by designing and implementing long term incentive plans, such as share option schemes to attract and reward key personnel within the business, as well as using our experience of various sectors to advise on salary structures and short term bonus schemes.

Management Accounts

Tax is one of our main areas of expertise.

We advise clients on their tax liabilities, make provisions to save

for projections, avoiding last minute tax ‘surprises’. We ensure that clients take advantage of the relief that may be available to them, such as R&D tax credits for innovative companies or capital allowance claims in the property sector, for example.

In addition to navigating you through the complexities of the UK tax system, we can also call on expertise across the globe, should you be working internationally.

We can advise the business but also the key individuals working within it, whether they are directors or partners.

We can also help you in succession and legacy planning.






Trading as a limited company and working outside of IR35 can result in higher take-home pay than PAYE or an umbrella company agreement, which is why so many contractors prefer to work this way.

Essentially, outside of IR35 you are able to split your income between salary and dividends in order to keep your tax and national insurance contributions to a minimum. You can thereby achieve higher take-home pay than a full-time employee earning the same base pay.

As a ‘deemed employee’ working on a contract inside IR35, you are expected to pay the same amount of Tax and National Insurance contributions as a full-time employee whether that’s via your limited Company, through your client’s payroll or via an Umbrella Company. Your take-home pay would therefore be lower than if your contract was outside IR35.

Most contractors are at pains to avoid working inside IR35 for these reasons.

Different rules exist for expenses inside or outside an IR35 contract, and may contractors may run multiple contracts at the same time meaning, for example, some travel and subsistence expenses relating to a deemed ‘inside IR35’ contracts are disallowable for the limited company, where relate to inside IR35 contracts.


We offer contract reviews for all personal service company contractors and have links with respected IR35 contractor insurance providers.

Limited Companies




This is an area we pride ourselves in being efficient in. We may not be the cheapest, but we offer excellent value for the attention each and every tax return receives. Each is assurance checked by a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, unlike may of our competitors in this area. We are conscious of completeness. We look out for potentially missed items to minimise the risk of an HMRC claim to our clients at a later date, due to their corporate employers not communicating renumeration elements to HMRC in a timely manner. We are experienced in appeal claims and procedures.


If, like many of our clients, you have developed your own property portfolios, there may be a requirement for you to complete a statement of rental income and expenditure which is used to facilitate the filing of your self assessment income tax return. We can help you with this process, and are knowledgeable of presentation requirements for sub and above £85,000 gross rental income requirements, as well as for Joint Ventures and Partnerships.

Sole Traders
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